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Six Month Smile Many adults are self-conscious about their smiles because their teeth are not straight or they have large spaces in between their front teeth. They have covered their mouths for years when they speak, laugh, or smile. Not many adults want to spend years wearing metal braces. Six Month Smiles© is the answer. Contact Clint Bruyere, DDS in Longview TX and ask more about Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles© is a proven technique for adults, that is effective, safe, and affordable to move misaligned teeth into proper balance in a short period of time. The average time for treatment is six (6) months but in some cases, may be only four (4) months or up to nine (9) months. This can be achieved because of the concentration on improving the position of your front teeth and not how your back teeth fit together.

If you are concerned about having changes made to your back teeth, then conventional orthodontics taking up to 24 months is the treatment of choice.

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They were able to get me in quickly and treat the issue quickly! The office staff, as well as Dr. Bruyere, were extremely nice, professional, and willing to answer any questions I had. I have a terrible fear of the dentist, but he gave me some options to help with the anxiety. Glad that I chose to come see them!
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Six Month Smiles© has developed braces that are clear and blend in with your natural teeth. The wire used to move teeth into place is tooth colored instead of the traditional metal wire.

In cases of teeth crowding, the teeth must be reshaped by having small amounts of enamel removed to allow for movement of the teeth into the proper position.

Once you are satisfied with the position of your teeth, then bonded and removable retainers will be made to help keep your teeth in their new position. Wearing the retainers is extremely important to keep the teeth from shifting.

Just think, in six short months, the time it takes to return for your regular teeth cleaning, you could have a brand new smile.

To have those dazzling, straight teeth, please call our office at (903) 708-6116 for a free consultation.
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Six Month Smiles can sweeten your smile!

Our teeth can make us feel shy or ready to meet the world. If you have minor misalignment issues, find out more about Six Months Smiles. This could be the option to help you share your smile with the world! Video Transcript When you’re insecure about your smile it can have a dramatic effect on how you live your life. Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic solution for straightening your teeth and it only takes an average of six months. Clear braces and tooth colored wires gently straighten your teeth giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. People will barely notice you’re wearing braces. Find out if it’s right for you at Six Month Smiles. Straight Teeth, less time, clear braces.

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Video Transcript Today I say goodbye to the old, the worn out. The things that have had their time. With new eyes, I see what was and what can be. The triumphs and failures. The things I would rather forget, and the things I’ll remember forever. Decisions that I’ve always stood by, and those I regret.

Change is everywhere. Some change I notice, some passes by. This change, I’m confident in. This, I know I won’t regret, and could last a lifetime.

A new me.

A new smile.

Six Month Smiles, Straight Teeth, less time, clear braces.

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Video Transcript "There you go."
[gasp] "Oh my God. Thank you."
"You're welcome."

When I first looked at my new smile, I was extremely excited. I felt like I could smile without having to be self-conscious about myself, and I felt a lot more comfortable about myself - smiling and laughing.

My two front teeth. Whenever I smile, they're there, and they stick out and it makes me feel insecure. I try not to show my teeth if I'm really happy. I'll just kind of turn my head so nobody could see my teeth. When I'm around other people, I feel like they're looking at my teeth and not me, and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

When I first heard about Six Month Smiles, I thought to myself, "Hallelujah!"

I did want to know more about it instead of the basic traditional braces, or Invisalign, I'm like, "I don't know if that's the best route for me."

Six Month Smiles is a great option for me, and I'm very excited to get started.

I just can't wait for the day when I have straight teeth. That's going to mean the world to me. I won't have to worry about smiling in front of people and feeling insecure about myself.

It's hard to explain how good it feels to not be so self-conscious about my smile anymore. I did get emotional, and then I had a bunch of people come in and see me. It made me really happy to see that they were really happy for me. And I saw that it made me feel good about myself. It was - it was amazing.

I have a very big day coming up. This November, I'm getting married. Thinking about that day, it's making me super excited that I don't have to worry about my crooked tooth showing in all my beautiful pictures in my princess gown. Just walking down the aisle to him, I'm going to be like the happiest girl in the world and I don't have to look like an idiot with my crooked tooth.

When I look at my new smile, it's like magic.

I'm 100% more confident and happy with myself.

And now I can smile for the rest of my life and feel great about it.

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