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Are you scared to go to the dentist? Have you put off necessary dental work because you just cannot bring yourself to go to the dentist? The fear of going to the dentist may cause you to develop major dental problems that can be quite expensive to treat.

Dental anxiety is a common problem, plaguing countless people around the world. Claustrophobic feelings, the sound of drills, unpleasant experiences in the past, and social stigmas all may contribute to these feelings of panic. We understand that your fear is real, and we will make every effort to ensure your comfort throughout your appointment.

"My cleaning, which is never easy for me, went smoothly, as it always does. Dr. Bruyere, Jenny, and Jayme were, as always super professional and gracious to me."

~ Richard W.
Dr. Bruyere is a compassionate and highly skilled professional, who will tend to your dental needs in the gentlest way possible. He will take the time to answer questions, discuss your concerns, and explain what to expect during each procedure. He also offers sedation, which can allow you to relax and feel comfortable throughout your appointment.

In our office, we use several oral medications such as Halcion or Ativan to help you relax. These oral medications will not put you to sleep as is done in the hospital with general anesthesia. They will provide you with a level of relaxation that should allow you to have your dental work done without fear or anxiety. This is a great option if you are needle-phobic, as no IV is needed.

Conscious oral sedation induces a calm, relaxed state and feelings of tranquility. You may feel drowsy but you will be conscious and aware at all times. You will retain full control and be able to respond to the doctor’s instructions or questions. After the sedative wears off, your memory of the appointment may be foggy, which most patients consider to be an added benefit.

Sedation is becoming a popular option, even with patients who are not fearful. It prevents dental chair fatigue during lengthy appointments. If you need a considerable amount of dental work done, Dr. Bruyere can complete it in fewer visits, without discomfort, by using sedation.

Do not put off having your dental work done any longer because you are afraid to go to the dentist, or because you don’t have time for multiple appointments. Put your fears away and please call our office at (903) 708-6116 for an appointment.

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