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Smiling is among the greatest joys of life. When you break into a smile, you not only stand to improve your own mood but also help in lighting up a room. However, it is possible that because of misalignment, you might curb your natural urge to smile openly.

How does Six Month Smiles Work?

Six Month Smiles is a breakthrough technology that works on the same principle as traditional orthodontics. Your dentist will attach wires and brackets to your teeth in order to restore alignment. Dr. Clint Bruyere provides innovative and advanced cosmetic dental treatments, including Six Month Smiles in Longview, TX.

This treatment has its sole focus on improving the aesthetic quality of your teeth. Basically, only a few of your anterior teeth will be treated. Also, the materials used will be discreet enough so as not to draw any unwanted attention to your teeth. With Six Month Smiles treatment, it will not be very obvious that you are wearing braces.

As the name suggests it will take up to six months for your teeth to be gently aligned. After the braces are removed, you have to wear a retainer to maintain your newly repositioned teeth.

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Two Key Differences from Traditional Braces

Two Key Differences from Traditional Braces

There are similarities between Six Month Smiles and traditional orthodontics, as they both make use of wires and brackets. However, they differ on two key aspects namely:

  1. Traditional methods use metal brackets which can make your smile look unattractive while in treatment. With Six Month Smiles you do not have to worry about this as only tooth colored wires and clear brackets are used.
  2. Six Month Smiles is a quicker process than traditional methods as it focuses only on the front teeth. You would notice results in a brief period of time as your smile improves.

Six Month Smiles focuses only on the front teeth. It is a great option for patients who are looking to improve their smile because of misalignment in their front teeth. However, in case you suffer from a bite issue or other significant misalignment, then this treatment might not be suitable for you.

Six Month Smiles: Frequently Asked Questions

Six Month Smiles: Frequently Asked Questions

How is Six Month Smiles treatment completed so quickly?

Six Month Smiles focuses only on the front teeth that show when you smile. Also, the treatment pays attention to improving cosmetic appearance and not in treating bites issues.

What types of issues does Six Month Smiles treat?

You can use Six Month Smiles to fix any crooked, poorly spaced, or crowded teeth in the front of the mouth. It can only be used on people above the age of 16.

How long does treatment take with Six Month Smiles?

On an average Six Month Smiles takes about six months. Some cases are completed in four months while others might take up to nine months. You would be given an estimated time based on your individual condition.

Who is a suitable candidate for Six Month Smiles?

A good candidate would be above the age of 16 with minor alignment and spacing problems with no significant bite issues. Six Month Smiles is a great option for people who do not want to spend years wearing braces.

Will I need to wear a retainer after treatment?

It is recommended that you wear a retainer after getting your teeth straightened. As per your dentist’s discretion and your preference you can either get a removable retainer or a fixed retainer that is bonded to your teeth.

What are the differences between Six Month Smiles and. Invisalign?

Six Month Smiles makes use of clear brackets and tooth colored wires. It gently repositions your teeth into alignment which takes about six months. These brackets and wires are fixed in the mouth and cannot be removed.

Invisalign on the other hand takes about a year or more to reposition your teeth. It makes use of a series of clear removable plastic aligners that gently put force on your teeth to align them.

People who are bothered about their misaligned teeth, but wish to avoid a prolonged or cumbersome orthodontic treatment may consider Six Month Smiles as a more viable solution.


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