What you need to know about screw-retained dental crowns

Dr. Clint Bruyere and his team in Longview, Texas, regularly work with patients suffering from tooth loss. There are many reasons why a patient might experience the loss of a tooth or several teeth, including trauma, disease, and severe decay. Whatever the reason, patients must book an appointment with an experienced restorative dentist to determine the best solution for their unique needs. In many cases, our team might recommend placing a screw-retained implant crown. This is a service used to create a robust and durable replacement for a single missing tooth.

Screw Retained Implant Crowns in Longview TX Area

What are screw-retained implant crowns?

Dr. Clint Bruyere describes the screw-retained implant crowns as a fixed restoration meant to replace a single tooth. A dental implant is placed into the jawbone. Then the abutment over the top of the gumline is used to secure the dental crown. The finished product looks and feels like the tooth that used to be in place, while functioning the same!

What are the benefits of a screw-retained implant crown?

Several advantages make this type of restoration the best for many of our patients. Below are just a few of the benefits patients might consider when making a choice. Screw-retained implant crowns: 

  • allow for precision placement of a false tooth restoration
  • maintain the natural bone around the implant
  • allow for simple removal of dental crowns for replacement, repair, or maintenance
  • offer lifelong restoration with proper care

What is the process of obtaining screw-retained implant crowns?

The entire process can take several months from start to finish. Below are just a few of the steps involved: 

  • Candidacy- During an evaluation, Dr. Clint Bruyere will determine if a patient is a good fit for an implant-retained crown. Most patients with sufficient bone or open to undergoing bone grafting may find this a viable solution for their needs.
  • Implant placement- An oral surgery procedure is scheduled for the placement of the implant. The implant is then placed within the jawbone. The upper portion of the implant has an abutment attached, which allows for the placement of the dental crown.
  • Healing- Healing and recovery are necessary, during which osseointegration (bone growth) occurs to keep the implant in place within the jaw.
  • Restoration- After the area has properly healed; a customized dental crown is fabricated and placed over the implant’s abutment. This completes the process and allows patients to enjoy their newly restored smile!
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Is placement comfortable?

Our team wants to make sure that everything we do is comfortable and does not cause pain to patients. Patients can ask about anesthetic and sedation options available before and during their implant placement procedure.

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Longview, Texas area patients interested in finding out if they are candidates for the screw-retained dental implant and crown service are welcome to call (903) 708-6116 and schedule an appointment with our team. The office is located at 444 Forest Square, Suite G, and is open to new and returning patients.

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