What to expect after receiving implants from your Longview dentist

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Explaining What to expect after receiving implants from your Longview dentist
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Thanks to advances in restorative dentistry, men and women affected by tooth loss can regain a high degree of functionality through dental implant treatment. Implants, as an alternative to conventional tooth replacement with dentures or a dental bridge, are secured in healthy jawbone, just like natural teeth. As such, implants look and feel as if they have always been there.
When missing teeth are restored in our Longview practice with dental implants, patients’ smiles are restored to their most natural state. Implants’ situation within the bone creates a solid foundation for speaking, chewing, laughing, and smiling, raising one’s ability to feel more confident when interacting with others. Meals and time with friends and colleagues can be enjoyed without worry that a denture may slip, creating embarrassment. These and other benefits make implants worth investigating.

What to expect after surgery

Dental implant surgery is performed by a reputable oral surgeon whom we trust. This procedure has been likened to tooth extraction by some of our patients, who were happily surprised by the gentle ease with which treatment is provided. Following the insertion of implants, recovery consists of allowing healthy bone tissue to fuse to the implants. This process takes several months, though this does not mean the patient feels discomfort the entire time.

Typically, implant patients feel minor discomfort and swelling only for a few days after their procedure. Your dentist may prescribe pain-reducing medication to improve comfort, or you may choose to take over the counter analgesics. For a period of a week or two, you may wish to consume softer foods such as soups and oatmeal, adding in a greater variety as comfort increases.

Creating long lasting results

One of the greatest aspects of dental implants is the longevity of treatment. Implants require no greater care than what you give to natural teeth. Brushing and flossing as directed by your dentist, and regular check-ups and cleanings all play a part in the lifetime of beauty and function possible with this type of restorative care. 

Tooth loss does not have to leave you feeling dissatisfied with your smile. Contact our Longview dental practice to learn more of the benefits of implant treatment.


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