Cosmetic dental solutions for damaged teeth

If you have broken, chipped, or misshapen teeth and have been searching for cosmetic dentistry services near me,” Dr. Clint Bruyere offers a wide range of cosmetic dental solutions to patients in Longview, Texas, and the surrounding areas. We strive to give you a beautiful, healthy smile you will be proud to show off.

Cosmetic Dental Solutions in Longview Area

Can cosmetic dentistry fix damaged teeth?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures that alter the appearance of the smile. Treatments may add to, take away, or modify the teeth or gums. The goal is to alter the size, shape, color, or position of the teeth or gums for an improved appearance. While aesthetics is the main focus, improved functionality is an added benefit.

When it comes to addressing damaged teeth, various cosmetic dental solutions are available:

  • Chipped tooth: Depending on the size of the chip, the tooth may be corrected with a small amount of dental bonding. With cosmetic bonding, the dentist uses a malleable, tooth-colored material. The material is laid over the chipped area, sculpted into the appropriate shape, and dried or hardened using a special light. The end result is strong and looks natural.
  • Broken or fractured tooth: A tooth with a larger chip or break can be restored using a dental crown. A dental crown is a permanent restoration that covers and protects your damaged or broken tooth. The crown is made using impressions of your teeth to make sure it matches the adjacent teeth in size, shape, and color.
  • Misshapen tooth: In addition to a chipped or broken tooth, a misshapen tooth can be corrected using porcelain veneers. Veneers are very thin shell-like coverings made of porcelain applied to the front of the teeth to alter their appearance. Veneers can cover a single tooth or multiple for a smile makeover. 
  • Missing tooth or teeth: Cosmetic dental solutions for missing teeth include dental implants, bridges, or dentures. Your options may vary depending on the location, the number of missing teeth, and your budget. For a single tooth, patients may opt for a permanent dental implant topped with a crown. Multiple teeth can be replaced with any of the options above. 
  • Decayed tooth: Tooth decay or cavities are usually treated with a filling. Rather than using a silver-colored amalgam filling, your cosmetic dentist can correct tooth decay using tooth-colored fillings. The result looks natural once the damaged portion is removed and the cavity is filled with a tooth-colored resin.
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Cosmetic dental treatments aren’t only about aesthetics

Fixing chipped, missing, or broken teeth is not just a cosmetic issue. The corrections also support the functionality and overall health of your oral cavity. Aesthetically, your smile and facial structure are restored. Functionally, you can eat and speak naturally, your jawbone stays healthy, and your teeth stay in their proper places. 

If you have damaged teeth, contact the dental office of Dr. Clint Bruyere to ask about available cosmetic dental treatments to restore your teeth back to health. Call (903) 708-6116.

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