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Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Providing Hallsville residents enjoy fast teeth whitening with Zoom
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A brilliant, white smile can make a person seem friendlier, happier, and more sincere. It is also seen as a sign of youthfulness, because teeth tend to darken and accumulate stains over the years. Perhaps most importantly, it feels good to know that you look good. That dazzling smile is closer than you may think. Clint Bruyere, D.D.S. offers a number of excellent teeth whitening options at his Longview dental practice, just a short drive from Hallsville. For patients who are in a hurry, is the treatment of choice.

The Zoom Whitening Hallsville- zoom logo procedure

The first step is an oral evaluation, to make sure that Zoom Whitening Hallsville- zoom logo is right for you. In most cases, teeth cleaning is recommended prior to whitening treatment. Removing plaque, tartar, and another residue from the teeth ensures that the whitening gel will make full contact with the enamel, for impressive, uniform results. 

The actual whitening procedure only takes about an hour. We begin by carefully covering your gums and lips, preventing irritation from the gel. Next, the powerful Zoom Whitening Hallsville- zoom logo formula is applied to the tooth surface and illuminated with the activation light for 15 minutes. The product is then removed and reapplied twice more, for a total of three, 15-minute sessions.

Results and benefits

Zoom Whitening Hallsville- zoom logo Whitening is effective for most patients, and it can lighten teeth as much as eight shades. There is no waiting for results to develop; you will walk out of our office wearing your brilliant new smile. It is a great way to give your appearance and your confidence a boost when you have an important event pending. It is also an excellent choice for people who don’t like to wait. Many patients choose Zoom Whitening Hallsville- zoom logo in-office treatment for the initial whitening, and then use convenient at-home trays occasionally for long-term maintenance. 

Teeth whitening can be used alone for a simple, economical smile enhancement or it can be one step in a complete smile makeover. If you are ready to discover your brightest smile, call us at 903-708-6116 and schedule an appointment today.


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