Types of dentures available in Longview TX area dental practice: full and partials

Tooth loss for patients in the Longview, TX area can be devastating. Whether patients have lost or extracted one or more teeth, their smile will suffer in health, appearance, and functionality. It is important for patients to speak to a professional about the different types of restorations available in their local dental practice to find out which replacement option is best for them. Patients who visit Dr. Clint Bruyere can learn about the advantages of full dentures and partial dentures.


Dentures are one of the most commonly used restorations for tooth replacement for a variety of reasons. They are:

  • Affordable
  • Removable
  • Easy to care for
  • Natural-looking
  • Accessible

There are two types of dentures that are available from our Longview TX dental office – full and partial.

Full dentures

The first type of denture used in restoring the smile is the full denture. This is what often comes to mind when patients hear of dentures. These dentures replace all the teeth within the upper or lower arch, or both. They are used in cases when extreme tooth loss occurs. Full dentures include acrylic gum tissue and teeth, and are held in place with natural suction, denture adhesives, or even the placement of several dental implants along the arch.

Partial dentures

Another option for consideration is the partial denture. Partial dentures are removable restorations that can replace one or more natural teeth. They are designed specifically for the patient based on the pattern of missing teeth. The teeth are made from acrylic and are attached to a metal framework that is easily snapped into the arch while preserving the remaining teeth. The denture is specially designed to ensure that the chewing forces are properly distributed across the teeth. Some patients choose partial dentures for permanent restoration, while others use them as transitional devices until they make another choice for tooth replacement.

Alternatives to dentures

When it comes to dental restorations, dentures are not the only option available with Dr. Clint Bruyere of the Longview, TX area. He also offers alternative such as dental bridges and dental implants.

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Dental bridges

Another solution for patients to consider when they need to replace one or more teeth in the dental arch is the use of a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a ceramic restoration that includes false teeth called pontics fused to dental crowns on each end, which utilize the adjacent teeth for support. These are a more permanent solution to tooth loss, but do not maintain natural bone in the way that dental implants will.

Dental implants

Image of a dental Implant

For patients serious about permanent tooth replacement, Dr. Clint Bruyere proudly offers the placement and restoration of dental implants. Dental implants are a wonderful way for patients to not only replace their teeth with a replacement that functions just like the natural tooth once did, but to do so in a way that maintains the natural bone of the jaw. Dental implants are titanium posts that look like small screws implanted into the jawbone. The natural bone fuses around the implant, keeping it firmly in place, providing the ultimate foundation for a restoration. Implants can last a lifetime when patients maintain their routine visits with the dentist and take great care in maintaining good oral hygiene habits at home every day. Though these are the most expensive solution, they will hold their value over time and become a smart investment throughout the years.

Which restoration is right for me?

Many of our patients will benefit greatly from the placement of dentures, but we encourage patients to explore all their options when they consult with our team of professionals during an initial evaluation at the practice.

Ready to discuss your options for tooth replacement?

Contact the practice of Dr. Clint Bruyere and his team today by calling (903) 708-6116 and taking the time to learn about full and partial dentures. The practice is located at 444 Forest Square, Suite G in Longview, TX and is always accepting new patients and families interested in comprehensive, quality dental care.


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