Treatment for sleep apnea may include your Longview dentist

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Providing Treatment for sleep apnea may include your Longview dentist
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When your sleep is disrupted night after night, it affects your waking hours. If you would describe yourself as a habitual snorer, there is good reason to explore the potential that this condition may only be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. When this sleep disorder is diagnosed, it is possible to move forward into a healthier future.

Common treatment for sleep apnea

There are three different types of sleep apnea, and they may all be managed with CPAP therapy. However, for those with obstructive sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing stops due to airway closure during sleep, there may be an alternative. Dr. Bruyere provides oral appliance therapy, which has been proven as highly successful in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The method is simple, convenient, and comfortable, aspects that are appealing to patients who want their sleep restored.

Lifestyle changes complement professional care

In addition to seeking care from a qualified dentist or physician, patients with sleep apnea are encouraged to look at how their lifestyle may be affecting this disorder.

  • Smoking can harm a number of different organs by limiting oxygenation. This habit causes fluid retention, inflammation, and it narrows the airway. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea are encouraged to stop smoking.
  • Excess weight, especially around the neck, is thought to increase the risk for obstructive sleep apnea. Therefore, reaching or maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial.
  • The use of medication to promote sleep can be counterproductive if the state of relaxation becomes so deep that the lax airway closes. As much as possible, sleep should come naturally.
  • A regular sleep schedule can help promote restful sleep.

Sleep apnea can trigger a number of secondary health concerns, as well as issues that affect your daily life. The perpetual lack of sleep makes it difficult to concentrate during the day, and it also increases the risk for accidents. We can help you guard your health with comfortable treatment for sleep apnea. Call our Longview office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruyere.


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