Hallsville residents can eliminate the embarrassment of tooth loss with cosmetic dentures

You are surely familiar with dentures. They have been the common answer to tooth loss for many generations. However, you may not be familiar with the modern denture. Materials, methods, and technology have evolved greatly, leading to dramatic advances in dentistry in recent years. Dentures have evolved from bulky, plastic-looking false teeth, to beautiful, anatomically correct, comfortable restorations with many options.
Virtually everything about dentures has changed, and undeniably for the better:

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Explaining Hallsville residents can eliminate the embarrassment of tooth loss with cosmetic dentures
  • Color – For partials, the shade is precision matched to existing teeth. Full dentures can be as bright as you wish, and the hue is adjusted for a truly natural appearance. 

  • Tooth shape – According to the principles of smile design, denture teeth are shaped to be symmetrical, proportionate, and reflective of your desired smile style. 

  • Materials – Dentures no longer look plastic. Today’s dental resins incorporate subtle translucency, color variations, and gradients to mimic the appearance of tooth enamel. 

  • Denture base – Even the base of denture plates is designed and colored for an ultra-realistic appearance.
  • Impressions – The fit of a denture is determined by the quality of the impression. Today we have better materials, which, in skilled hands, can be used to create impression with exacting accuracy for optimal comfort. 

  • Customization – Your oral health, cosmetic concerns, and priorities are unique. Therefore, you need a unique dental solution. With the variety of materials and technologies available today, we have the ability to customize every restoration to the individual needs of each patient. 

  • Stability – Better impressions, better materials, and better fabrication techniques equal a better fit. Therefore, modern dentures, if made properly, usually fit well, with fewer stability issues than those in the past. However, if it is not attached like natural teeth, it does not truly feel and function like natural teeth. Many patients are very happy with their traditional-style removable dentures. For those who prefer greater stability, a more natural feel, and the ability to eat anything – dental implants are available.

Residents of Longview and nearby communities such as Hallsville are fortunate to have access to exceptional modern dentistry, delivered with old-fashioned customer service and compassion. Dr. Bruyere can help you understand your options, and choose the one that is best suited to your needs. Call us at 903.708.6116 and schedule an appointment.


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