Tooth restoration options for Hallsville area residents: Types of dental crown materials

Dental crowns are versatile, reliable restorations. They can be used for strictly cosmetic improvement, but that is rare. A strong, healthy, yet unattractive tooth can typically be corrected with a porcelain veneer or dental bonding. However, those treatments do not provide significant strength or protection for the tooth. Therefore, when the structure is compromised, a dental crown is recommended.
Crowns are custom-made restorations that fit over teeth like caps, surrounding them in a hard, durable dental material. You are likely familiar with the concept of dental crowns, as they have been commonly used for many generations. However, you probably haven’t given crowns much thought, at least, not until you think you may need one. “What is it made of?” and “Will it look natural?” are among the most common questions that patients ask.

A cosmetic dental crown looks just like a tooth

Porcelain is prized for its beauty and versatility. It is stain resistant, and wear resistant, but traditional porcelains can fracture easily. Modern manufacturing techniques have led to much stronger, more impact resistant dental porcelains such as e-Max ® and Empress ®. Although they are not as strong as metal or zirconia, they are appropriate for the front teeth, which are the most noticeable in your smile. Another option is porcelain fused to metal or porcelain fused to zirconia. These crowns combine the beauty of porcelain with a strong, durable base.

Are all crowns cosmetic?

The vast majority of patients want their smiles to look natural and unaltered. However, only some of your teeth are visible when you smile. Luckily, the teeth that we see the most, we use the least. When you chew or bite down on something, the majority of the force is on your back teeth. They are also hidden when you open your mouth to speak. Therefore, you can have a gold crown, and still keep your dazzling smile. Full zirconia, porcelain fused to zirconia, and porcelain fused to metal are also options for back teeth. If you don’t grind your teeth, an e-Max ® pure porcelain crown may also be an option. 

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