Hallsville residents wonder, “Does my tooth need a crown?”

Dental crowns, sometimes called caps, are custom-made tooth restorations. They fit over teeth, much like thimbles, restoring the size, shape, and strength. At one time, most crowns were made of gold, but the preferred material today is porcelain. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, dental porcelain is incredibly strong, and it looks just like tooth enamel. For added strength, porcelain can be layered over a metal base.

Although a dental crown corrects any existing cosmetic issues, it is rarely used for that reason alone. If the tooth is strong and healthy, cosmetic improvement can usually be accomplished with a porcelain veneer. Crowns are often recommended in situations such as:

  • Cracked tooth – A crown holds the pieces together and keeps bacteria out.
  • Broken tooth – If a portion of the tooth structure is missing, it will be replaced with porcelain, restoring the size and shape.
  • Large fillings – A dental filling does not lend support to the tooth. If you have large fillings that need replacing, there may not be enough tooth structure to support new ones, and a dental crown may be recommended instead.
  • Extensive decay – For the same reasons mentioned above, a filling may not be sufficient is the cavity is too large.
  • Root canal therapy – Although root canal therapy restores the health of a treated tooth, it can cause some brittleness. Crowns are often recommended for protection, especially on back teeth, which absorb the greatest pressure when chewing.
  • Weak tooth – If your dentist believes a tooth is in danger of breaking or fracturing, a crown may be recommended.
  • Worn tooth – Time, chewing, and certain dental problems can cause wear and tear on teeth, eventually reducing their height.
  • Misshapen tooth – A dental crown can create a healthy, functional, attractive, natural-looking shape.

When you visit Dr. Bruyere, he will examine your tooth, and ask about your symptoms before recommending a dental crown. Alternatives such as a filling, bonding, or veneer may be recommended if the tooth is structurally strong. You can reach our office at 903.708.6116 to schedule an appointment. We are conveniently located in Longview, about 10 miles from Hallsville.


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