Hallsville dental questions: What is tissue conditioning?

Dentures are the most common and most practical solution for patients who are missing all of their teeth. However, these appliances can become quite uncomfortable and inefficient when they fit poorly. Dental implants can provide a level of stability and comfort comparable to natural teeth, but they aren’t right for everyone. Traditional, removable dentures can be completed more quickly, with a lower upfront cost, making this option attractive to many patients.

Dr. Clint Bruyere offers both implant retained and traditional styled dentures, to meet the needs of every patient. He also offers solutions for patients with sloppy dentures who do not wish to get implants.

Why dentures become loose

If you went to a qualified dentist such as Dr. Bruyere, who takes impressions carefully and works with a quality laboratory, your new denture should fit like a glove. Unfortunately, that fit is not permanent. The body naturally evolves and adapts to changes, including the loss of teeth. Over time, your gum tissue will recede and (unless implants are placed) the bone mass in the jaw will diminish. Because a denture is formed to the contours of your mouth, it no longer fits well when those contours change.

Relining a denture

If you dislike the appearance of your denture, or it has never been comfortable, Dr. Bruyere can replace it with a high quality, properly fitted, beautiful new one. However, if you simply need the fit adjusted, that is accomplished with relining. There are two types of denture liners:

  • A hard liner is durable and permanent, made from the same or similar material as the original denture.
  • A soft liner is temporary, but provides cushioning for the gums and roof of the mouth.

When the soft tissues in the mouth are abraded, inflamed, or otherwise irritated it may be impossible to take an accurate impression. Additionally, even a perfect denture won’t feel comfortable until your mouth has healed. In these situations, temporary liners are used as part of the tissue conditioning process. 

If you had an uncomfortable shoe that caused a blister, you would cushion the area while it healed. Soft denture liners serve a similar purpose, absorbing the impact of biting down and preventing further irritation. This liner is replaced frequently, usually every few weeks, until the soft tissues have finished healing, at which time a permanent, hard denture liner can be put in place. 

Whether you need a new denture, a reline, or any other dental care, choose the dentist who residents of Longview, Hallsville, and other area communities have trusted for three decades. Call 903-708-6116 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruyere today.


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