Options for Teeth Whitening In Longview: How Kör Is Different

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Options for Teeth Whitening In Longview: How Kör Is Different
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Nothing can charm, dazzle, and impress others as quickly as a bright, friendly smile. Tooth enamel is naturally a lustrous, translucent, soft white – as you see in adolescents. However, time can rob your smile of its sparkle, with yellowing, stains, and general darkening. Teeth whitening in Longview is a fast and effective way to a brighter, whiter, more youthful smile.
You may have tried strips, rinses, toothpastes, or other do-it-yourself whitening methods, with less than satisfactory results. Many of these products can lighten teeth a little, but they don’t compare to professional strength, advanced formula bleaching gels used in dental offices. For effective whitening, choose professional whitening. For the best of the best, choose KöR deep bleaching, available in Dr. Clint Bruyere’s office, here in Longview.

What is KöR?

Considered the premier teeth whitening option, KöR is designed to restore the natural ability of tooth enamel to absorb oxygen. This allows the oxygen in the bleaching gel to reach deeper layers of your teeth, dissolving stains.

For optimal results, the process takes about two weeks. We will start by fabricating custom trays, which you can safely use at home. They gradually lighten teeth with daily use. After two weeks, you will return to our office for the final deep-bleaching procedure.


The exact results of any bleaching method will vary, depending on your age, the condition of your teeth, and the type of staining you have. While many systems boast improvement up to six or seven shades, KöR deep bleaching can lighten teeth as much as 16 shades – sometimes even more! It is even effective on tetracycline stains, which were previously considered impossible to bleach.

This is a comprehensive system, including at-home touchups. With regular maintenance, you can keep your brighter, whiter smile for life – without giving up your favorite foods and beverages.

KöR deep bleaching gives the stunning, natural results you have been looking for! There are no worries of lightening too much, because real teeth can’t be bleached to an unnatural shade. If you desire the ultra-white “Hollywood” look, that can be accomplished with porcelain veneers. Call 903-708-6116 and schedule an appointment for your most beautiful smile!


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