Effective teeth whitening in our Longview, TX office gives you reason to smile

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Effective teeth whitening in our Longview, TX office gives you reason to smile
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Smiling is something we do on instinct. That is, unless we are dissatisfied with the appearance of our teeth. When teeth become dull, yellow, or brownish in color, the instinct to smile is inhibited. Many people resort to smiling only with the lips, or hiding a wide smile behind their hand. These habits convey lack of confidence, and can affect how you interact with others. Rather than continue this process, visit your dentist to address the issue of discoloration. Teeth whitening in our Longview, TX dental practice can quickly produce the results you desire.

Many people seeking smile improvement through teeth whitening first attempt to achieve their desired outcome with over the counter whiteners, only to find that these products are highly ineffective. It is important to understand the guidelines behind commercial cosmetic products in order to see why professional care is best. 

Commercial products, following the guidelines of regulatory associations, are considered “whitening” if they remove debris from teeth, because this polishing does, although minimally, remove stains. Whitening toothpastes contain tiny abrasive particles, thereby polishing the surface of teeth for a “whitening” effect. Though true to their intent, whitening toothpastes do not measure up to consumer expectation, nor to their marketing promises. Whitening strips, as well, fail to impress due to their low concentration of active whitening solution. To achieve the true brightness you desire, you need to work with your dentist.

Dr. Bruyere offers intense whitening using the KöR teeth whitening system. KöR is more than a solution to lift deep-set stains from enamel. This product has been designed to increase the teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The absorbed oxygen molecules then maximize the power of the professional bleaching solution, which is what sets KöR apart from other treatments. Optimal results from KöR treatment are typically seen over a two-week period, during which teeth are exposed to the whitening solution on a daily basis using custom-made trays. Home use is followed by a final in-office whitening session to reach dazzling results. 

Every person responds to teeth whitening in his or her own way, depending on various factors such as the extent and type of stains. With KöR treatment, our patients can see a difference of as many as 16 shades or even more. 

Commercial “whiteners” may seem promising, but often prove to be disappointing. Get the results you want now. Contact our office to schedule your teeth whitening consultation.


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