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Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Looking for teeth whitening in Longview? See your dentist!
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A smile is the best gift you can give. It warms the hearts and brightens the day of people you meet, and it lifts your own spirits as well. If you have been hiding your smile from the world, teeth whitening may be the best gift you could give yourself! You can enjoy a bit of improvement from over the counter products, but if you want a smile that dazzles, with lasting results, you need to see your dentist.

Tooth enamel is naturally bright and slightly translucent, with a lustrous shine. It is also porous, meaning that it absorbs what it contacts. Staining agents in foods, beverages, and tobacco products gradually accumulate, darkening your teeth. Other factors, such as illness or medication, also contribute to discoloration.

Many whitening toothpastes contain mild abrasives, which remove surface stains. Deep bleaching products contain a peroxide based bleaching agent, which penetrates the enamel, removing deep down stains. There are several differences between over the counter and professional whiteners. One of the most significant is the strength of the active ingredient. Products that are used without professional supervision are much milder, yielding less satisfactory results.

Dr. Clint Bruyere uses the KöR deep bleaching system, which has been proven to lighten teeth as much as 16 shades! It cannot be classified as take-home or in-office, because it is more than a procedure for one-time whitening. It is a complete system, designed to give you white teeth for life. A combination of trays and chair side bleaching is used to achieve your desired shade of brilliance.

Once optimal results are achieved, they can be maintained with occasional touchups. KöR does more than just whiten. It also restores tooth enamel’s natural ability to absorb bleaching agents for maximum effectiveness. You can eat and drink what you like without worrying about stains. You may expect such phenomenal, permanent results to come at the price of high sensitivity. Actually, the opposite is true. Some brands include an ingredient to ease whatever sensitivity occurs. KöR takes this a step farther. It is formulated to prevent sensitivity, for a truly comfortable experience.

If you are looking for a sparkling white smile that can last a lifetime, call 903.708.6116 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruyere of Longview today.


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