Learn How You Can Have Straight Teeth in Six Months

It’s a fact that many adults feel self-conscious concerning their smiles due to their teeth not being straight or having significant gaps, such as ones found between front teeth. Sadly, these folks often cover their mouths when they speak, smile, or laugh. Far too many of these folks are unaware that cumbersome metal braces are a thing of the past. Today practitioners like Dr. Clint Bruyere with the Clint Bruyere, DDS, team specialize in a revolutionary treatment called Six Month Smiles©. 

Straight Teeth In Six Months in Longview TX Area

About Six Month Smiles© 

If you’ve searched all over the internet using terms like “6-month braces near me,” you’re in luck. Because Dr. Bruyere is offering Longview residents the incredible benefits of Six Month Smiles, this is a proven treatment for adults that’s safe, effective, affordable, and will correct misaligned teeth until they are in perfect balance.  

While the treatment typically takes six months, in some cases, it may work in four months or up to nine months for others. This rapid improvement is possible thanks to the focus on improving the position of front teeth rather than how the back teeth fit together. 

If you’re worried about the changes in your back teeth, then your best course is to pursue traditional orthodontics, which can take up to 24 months to correct those issues. 

The Unique Braces 

The braces used in the Six Month Smiles© system are clear and made to blend flawlessly with your natural teeth. The wire used to reposition your teeth into place is colored like your natural teeth and doesn’t look like your traditional metal wire. 

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Your teeth will have to be reshaped in the circumstances involving teeth crowding. That consists of removing minute amounts of enamel to allow the teeth to move into the correct position freely. 

Once you feel satisfied with how your teeth look, they are then bonded, and you’re fitted with removable retainers designed to help your teeth remain in their new position. By wearing these retainers, you’re completing a vital step that will keep your teeth from shifting. 

And in six months (give or take), by the time you revisit your regular teeth cleaning, you’ll have a dazzling, new smile to shine up and show off to the world! 

Learn More About Six Month Smiles© 

Find out more about Six Month Smiles© by contacting the Clint Bruyere, DDS, team to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bruyere. Our phone number is (903) 708-6116, and we are located at 444 Forest Square Suite G, Longview, TX.


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