Proper maintenance after Six Month Smiles will earn your smile rave reviews in Longview, TX

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Proper maintenance after Six Month Smiles will earn your smile rave reviews in Longview, TX
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Every person is deserving of a lifelong, beautiful smile with teeth that are straight and healthy. When teeth are positioned too closely together or too far apart, one may feel embarrassed to smile. Misalignment has, for some time, been corrected with metal braces. Though effective at addressing bite and cosmetic issues, conventional orthodontic treatment is unappealing to many people for aesthetic reasons.

Dr. Bruyere offers a faster, more discreet option with Six Month Smiles. A treatment with excellent reviews, Six Month Smiles improves the appearance of the smile. Following treatment with your Longview, TX dentist, you will want to maintain the results with a custom retainer.

The importance of retainer wear

Six Month Smiles treatment is quite different from conventional metal braces, more comfortable and discreet. Teeth are situated within the periodontal ligament. Their movement is achieved with gentle force that loosens the ligament’s hold on them. Once teeth have been moved into their ideal position, however, the stubborn periodontal ligament will continue its pull. Without a retainer to stabilize teeth in their new locations, they will slowly move back to their former state. Skipping the retainer part of treatment means that orthodontic relapse is likely to occur.

Types of retainers

Retainers are customized to the needs of each patient, and you can choose between two types. A removable retainer slips on over teeth and it should be worn at all times in the months that follow orthodontic treatment. In time, patients will be able to wear their retainer only at night while they sleep. There is also the option for a fixed retainer, which can be affixed to the back of teeth for total discretion. Fixed retainers are not removed, which is advantageous because the risk of forgetting to wear the retainer is eliminated. 

Achieving your best smile with Six Month Smiles braces is only the first part of your journey. Dr. Bruyere will help you determine which type of retainer is best for you, and will design an appliance that is comfortable and built to last. 

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