Are you a candidate for Six Month Smiles from your Hallsville area dentist?

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Are you a candidate for Six Month Smiles from your Hallsville area dentist?
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Do you want to improve the appearance of crooked teeth? Are you over the age of fifteen? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you are probably a great candidate for Six Month Smiles. This unique orthodontic system was developed specifically for achieving cosmetic straightening, and doing it very quickly.

What Six Month Smiles can and can’t treat

Traditional braces correct a wider variety of problems than Six Month Smiles do, but they can take up to two years, in some cases even longer. Much of this time is dedicated to straightening back teeth that no one sees, and correcting jaw alignment. For cosmetic improvement, only the visible (front) teeth need to be straightened.

Six Month Smiles was developed using proven principles of orthodontics, focusing entirely on visibly crooked teeth. It is not intended to guide jaw or tooth alignment, and therefore it is not recommended for adolescents (adult teeth have typically developed by age fifteen). Additionally, it does not make significant alterations to your bite. Eliminating these steps reduces treatment time dramatically. Some patients achieve optimal results as soon as four months, and the average is just six months.

Wearing braces can be a beautiful experience

Business executives, public figures, and anyone else who wants to maintain an attractive, natural smile would likely object to bulky metal braces, even if the duration were short. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces are fabricated with comfortable, lightweight materials that are transparent or tooth-colored. They are barely discernable when you speak or smile.

Although many people assume that expedited orthodontic treatment works by applying greater pressure to move teeth faster, that is not the case. In reality, these braces utilize low-force technology, applying gentle, comfortable pressure. You can enjoy the beautifully straight smile that you’ve always wanted, with just a few months of comfortable treatment.

If you want a more beautiful smile, and you don’t need major bite realignment, this may be just the solution you’ve been seeking. Call 903.708.6116 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bruyere to find out if you are a good candidate. Our office is located in Longview, proudly serving residents of Hallsville and other communities throughout the area.


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