Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces in Longview, is a fast, effective orthodontic treatment

With Six Month Smiles, you can keep all your healthy teeth!
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On the wide world of the Internet, you may come across products that claim to reposition and fix crooked teeth, sometimes in as little as two weeks! The adage of “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” applies here. There are no shortcuts, but there are more convenient, efficient, comfortable, and unobtrusive alternatives to conventional orthodontic treatment for suitable patients. As its name suggests, Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces in Longview, TX straightens teeth in about half a year on average. Since your unique treatment plan is designed and monitored by Dr. Clint Bruyere, a Texas “Super Dentist” for each year since 2010, safety and precision outcomes are never sacrificed in the name of fast treatment. You can have the best of all worlds, efficient straightening, with the Six Month Smiles technique.

How can this be?

Six Month Smiles combines proven orthodontic science with the latest materials, technologies, and approaches. The result is an attractive option for adults, teens, and kids, and for reasons that include (but aren’t limited to) the cosmetically appealing appearance of Six Month Smiles’ transparent brackets and tooth-colored wires.

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Six Month Smiles straightens in no time because the approach is targeted. Only the teeth in your “smile zone” are repositioned. Conventional braces move a mouthful of teeth, including molars. The “traditional” approach is focused on restoring oral health and functionality by improving how your upper and lower teeth come together when you bite. Six Month Smiles patients have a normal bite, and don’t have extensive needs for bite-related improvement. Suitable candidates don’t like the smile they see in the mirror. Six Month Smiles restores or transforms what science has confirmed to be our most unforgettable feature, and along the way our patients have enjoyed the renewed confidence that positively affects their social and work lives, and overall quality of life.

Six Month Smiles straightens in no time because the approach is targeted.

What to expect

All orthodontic treatment starts with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. During this initial consultation, Dr. Bruyere will also discuss your goals. This evaluation really drives your unique course of treatment and the type of dental appliance recommended to achieve your beautiful smile. It may be necessary to resolve existing gum inflammation and disease, or tooth decay first. Putting brackets and wires on unhealthy tissues only aggravates underlying oral health problems. Unlike conventional braces, “preparation” for Six Month Smiles may be limited to restoring tooth and gum health. It’s not unusual for traditional braces treatment to require extractions, because straightened teeth may take up more space. Mouths can’t always accommodate all teeth after treatment.

With Six Month Smiles, you can keep all your healthy teeth! In some cases of crowding, Dr. Bruyere may remove a very small amount of enamel from the front of your teeth. This reduction allows for straightening without the need for extraction. The process doesn’t hurt and is a safe, low-risk way to move forward with Six Month Smiles treatment.

The actual process of straightening is straightforward. Aside from the conservative nature of this method, Six Month Smiles is also a popular treatment at Dr. Bruyere’s office because patients appreciate:

  • Gentle straightening!  Low forces are employed to comfortably reposition teeth, correcting spacing and alignment issues. A unique system, Six Month Smiles isn’t like tightening conventional braces to force teeth to move through bone.
  • No “metal mouth”! Six Month Smiles wires and brackets are designed to blend in with your teeth. The brackets are transparent, so your teeth peek through. The color of the wires is indistinguishable from teeth, so they don’t stick out visibly like the silver and gray metal components of traditional braces systems.
  • ix Month Smiles cosmetic braces in Longview, TX straightens teeth in about half a year on average.
  • No-hassle. You’re a busy student, professional, or caregiver. With Six Month Smiles, you don’t have to spend years in braces. Some of our patients get their desired smiles in four months. Others may require a little longer than six months, up to around nine months. But this pales in comparison to the one or two years (or longer) that may be required to straighten teeth and correct bites with traditional braces.
  • Generally, the shorter the treatment, the fewer the follow-up appointments and the less the overall expense, in terms of both time and money.

Since low forces are applied and extractions aren’t necessary, the risk of root damage and other complications is minimized. Like other straightening techniques, retainers are required to keep your beautiful and healthy results. Dr. Bruyere can discuss options to maintain a lasting attractive smile. Call (903) 708-6116 to schedule an appointment.

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