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Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Six Month Smile treatment different from conventional braces in the Longview area
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Think about orthodontic treatment and you may envision a beautiful new smile with straight, healthy teeth. Most likely, however, your mind will immediately jump to images of your smile covered in metal brackets and wires. Although several other types of orthodontic treatment have been developed over the course of a few decades, it is conventional orthodontia that remains most recognized. As such, many people hesitate to improve upon their smiles due to perceptions of what orthodontic treatment will be like. In reality, it is possible for many people to straighten their teeth using Six Month Smile treatment instead of conventional braces. In our Longview area dental practice, we are happy to offer this service.

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment that, because it is not based on aligners, is mistaken for just another type of conventional braces. There are, in fact, a few ways in which the two are similar. At the core of Six Month Smiles are the very principals that make conventional braces so effective. Beyond this, however, Six Mont Smiles begins to set itself apart as a more appealing treatment option.

The primary advantage of Six Month Smiles, for many people, is the discreet aesthetic of this orthodontic system. Gone are the metal brackets and wires, with their bulk and discomfort. The brackets of this system are not only tooth colored, but are also more compact and, therefore, more comfortable. With this change alone, Six Month Smiles offers a more personalized, less obvious journey towards your best smile. 

The other aspect of Six Month Smiles that differs from conventional braces is timing. As the name suggests, this type of treatment is completed in a much shorter time frame than full orthodontia. This shortened treatment time is made possible through the focus on the teeth that show in the smile. Six Month Smiles is ideal for many people who wish to improve their smile, but may not be suitable for the correction of bite problems. In a consultation with Dr. Bruyere, you can learn if this treatment can help you accomplish your smile and oral health goals. 

Within four to nine months, you can have the beautiful smile you dream of. To learn more about Six Month Smiles, contact our office at 903-708-6116.


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