Sedation dentists make it easier for Longview area residents to face oral surgery

A number of treatments can be made better with sedation dental services. Sedation dentistry has become incredibly popular, helping highly anxious patient receive everything from general dental care to lengthy restorative treatments. Even those who can generally complete dental visits without a great deal of anxiety have found immense benefit in sedation dentistry. In a semi-conscious state, patients are relaxed to such an extent that treatments can often be completed more quickly. If more than one procedure is needed, sedation can allow completion of multiple procedures within a single visit. Sedation can even benefit patients with a strong gag reflex, muscle soreness, or difficulty sitting still.

Though sedation services now extend into most dental treatments, this service was initially reserved for surgical dental procedures like tooth extraction. Oral surgery can be a challenging experience to face without some anxiety. Patients who know that sedation is an option find it far easier to plan for their surgery without stress. Under sedation, procedures like root canal therapy, extractions, and dental implants are very comfortable, with the wonderful side effect of not remembering the experience.

Dr. Bruyere has been practicing dentistry in Longview for three decades. Our patients can discover the type of oral conscious sedation that will best meet their needs during a private consultation. We believe that dentistry should be a positive experience for our patients, and ensure comfort and peace of mind before planning oral surgery and other treatments. 

During sedation appointments, an oral medication is taken an hour or so prior to the time of the visit. By the time the patient has arrived in our office, the relaxing sedative effect will have developed. Before beginning treatment, oral anesthetic will be administered to block any sensations of pain. After the completion of treatment, the patient gradually regains full alertness, having no recollection of time in the dental chair. 

There are many situations aided by sedation dental services, and we are happy to provide gentle, stress-free care to our patients. To discuss your needs for sedation dentistry, contact us at (903) 708-6116.

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Sedation dentists make it easier for Longview area residents to face oral surgery


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