How a sedation dentist in Longview TX puts patients’ anxieties to rest

Dr. Clint Bruyere is a compassionate dentist who understands that there are those for whom the dentist’s office is not a pleasant place to be. Our team is dedicated to changing our patients’ experiences by providing empathetic care in a gentle, effective manner. Our goal is to make sure our patients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their various treatments. One of the ways we strive to achieve this goal is through open, honest communication with each person. Our patients can count on us to explain dental problems and any recommended dental treatments fully. We are happy to answer questions so that treatment plans are made with confidence. Another way we aid a positive dental experience is to offer sedation to patients who have anxiety related to visiting their dentist in Longview, TX. Sedation dentistry lets the anxious patient relax and receive dental care.

Dental anxiety is a common problem, but one that manifests differently in every patient. Some people feel mildly stressed when facing dental visits, but are able to complete treatments as needed. Other people have such extreme fear of dental care that they avoid making or keeping appointments even when they are in need of treatment for a dental problem. What is so sad about this is that such patients may not visit their dentist until a problem has led to significant pain. 

Anxiety should not interfere with a person’s ability to care for his or her teeth and gums in a way that is productive. As a way to enable the anxious patient to achieve health and smile goals, we suggest sedation. Calming medication can also be helpful for those who want to complete a number of treatments in a single visit, whose gag reflex is overactive, or who simply have difficulty sitting still. 

Patients of Dr. Bruyere benefit greatly from oral conscious sedation, which allows them to feel completely calm and stress-free during dental visits, but able to communicate. There is no “putting under” with oral conscious sedation, though patients are able to feel relaxed and unafraid. Following treatment, there is very little memory of time in the dental chair, a nice side effect of sedatives. 

If you or a loved one tends to avoid dental care due to anxiety, change your experiences with sedation. Contact us at (903) 708-6116 to consult with Dr. Bruyere about your options.

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Explaining How a sedation dentist in Longview TX puts patients’ anxieties to rest


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