The convenience of choosing a sedation dentist in the Hallsville, TX, area

When choosing a dentist, there are many things to consider. Naturally, you want a skilled, experienced, properly licensed professional. The internet makes it easy to verify anyone’s credentials, but the variety of services available can be overwhelming. If you suffer from dental phobia, no doubt you look for a sedation dentist. However, if anxiety is not an issue, you might not expect to need sedation. You may be surprised to learn that it has a number of other benefits.

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS The convenience of choosing a sedation dentist in the Hallsville, TX, area

Fewer appointments

Normally, patients needing extensive dental work are treated in a series of appointments. Sometimes this is unavoidable. For example, we may need to wait for the laboratory to create a restoration. However, in many cases treatment is divided for patient comfort. Without sedation, a lengthy appointment could leave you agitated, and cause muscular tension from struggling to sit still. 

Sedation relaxes the mind and body, making you more comfortable during and after your appointment. It can help prevent dental chair fatigue, claustrophobia, restlessness, and general impatience. It can also reduce post-procedure soreness, because your jaw and facial muscles are more relaxed. Finally, it can inhibit your awareness of the passage of time, so hours can feel like minutes. Therefore, we can complete a treatment plan with fewer visits.

Efficient care

When your dentist can devote undivided attention to the procedure being performed, treatment is faster, more efficient, and more precise. For this reason, most adults try very hard to remain still during dental care, but automatic reflexes can be hard to control. Simple reactions, such as pulling away if someone touches your face, can happen so quickly and instinctively that you can’t stop yourself. Additionally, some actions such as a strong gag reflex, trembling, or medical conditions causing involuntary muscle movement, may be impossible to stop with your conscious mind. Sedation not only makes you a more comfortable patient, it makes you a more cooperative patient, allowing your dentist to focus exclusively on your smile. 

Dr. Bruyere offers conscious oral sedation for his patients, because he believes that everyone should have this option. Perhaps you will find dental care less stressful and more pleasant with sedation for every visit. Perhaps you will request it only if you have a major procedure, or you may never need sedation. However, when you make our office your dental home, you can relax knowing that the option is available. Call us at (903) 708-6116 and schedule an appointment today. We are located in Longview, just a short drive from Hallsville.


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