The benefits of using removable partial dentures to replace teeth in Longview, TX

Longview, TX area patients who are interested in tooth replacement solutions following tooth loss or extraction, are encouraged to learn about the advantages of removable partial dentures.

Dr. Clint Bruyere describes the removable partial denture

Removable partial dentures are a unique appliance that is made to meet the needs of patients with tooth loss. They can replace one or more teeth within the dental arch, ensuring restoration of a natural appearance and the ability to speak clearly and eat more efficiently.

How are removable partial dentures made?

The removable partial denture is created out of different materials depending on the type chosen. Dr. Clint Bruyere can provide a full acrylic denture, or a denture made with a combination of acrylic and metal. The patient’s anatomy of the smile and their specific, unique needs will help determine the type best for the individual. We want to ensure that we create a restoration that preserves the remaining natural teeth and the soft tissues while achieving full functionality of the smile and a natural appearance.

Dr. Clint Bruyere works with patients to design their dentures in a way that provides evenly distributed chewing forces across the remaining teeth. Sometimes, changes are made to the remaining teeth to ensure these chewing forces are properly equalized. During a consultation with our team, patients will decide how they want to restore their smile and will discuss the advantages of the partial denture.

What are the benefits of a partial denture?

A removable partial denture has several advantages. They:

  • Limit movement of the natural teeth existing in the dental arch
  • Provide better chewing and speaking efficiency
  • Ensure proper digestion with improved chewing and grinding abilities
  • Are an economical solution when compared to other alternatives
  • Are often covered in part or fully by most dental insurance plans
  • Can be removed from the smile for simple care and cleaning
  • Keep existing teeth from shifting out of place
  • Are easy to use and care for
  • Can be adjusted as needed if structures in the smile changes
  • Can be used as a transitional denture to a more permanent option
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How do I care for my removable partial denture?

  • Only have Dr. Clint Bruyere adjust the dentures to ensure proper fit and function
  • Brush dentures daily with a denture toothbrush
  • Avoid traditional toothpaste, as these are too abrasive for dentures. Use denture creams instead
  • Rinse dentures in cold water, not hot, as this can warp the denture frame
  • Bring your dentures to your dental visits to ensure proper fit
  • Replace dentures as needed to maintain the appearance and proper function
  • Call the dentist when dentures are loose or poorly fitted for adjustments

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