Well-designed removable dentures in Longview, TX assure proper fit for lasting comfort, natural looks

Dentures are designed to replace many teeth or a mouthful of teeth. Historically, all dentures were designed to be “removable.” Dental materials are used to make artificial teeth and gum tissue. So, the denture looks and feels like real teeth and gums. These dentures sit on the gum tissues that cover the jawbone. Upper dentures generally rely on suction to stay in the mouth, while lower dentures typically require adhesive products to keep them in place.

The denture patients of today benefit from superior complete and partial removable dentures in Longview TX at the office of Clint Bruyere, DDS. Dr. Bruyere and the team use the latest technologies, techniques, and materials to assure new teeth are stable, durable, and look like real teeth and gums – not like the fake, false teeth that your parents or grandparents complained about in the past.

Do you still have some healthy teeth?

Some patients may be holding on to badly decayed or otherwise damaged teeth. Those teeth need to be extracted; however, other patients still have healthy teeth. While modern dentistry can recreate teeth that are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth, Dr. Bruyere and his team emphasize retaining as many natural teeth as possible for optimal form and function. The presence of natural teeth also keeps the jawbone strong, distributing forces from chewing and other functions from the teeth to the surrounding tissues.

Clint Bruyere, DDS replicates missing teeth by creating a partial removable denture. The “partial” is generally made from a metal framework and pink plastic “gums,” and plastic or resin denture “teeth.” The denture relies on the natural teeth that remain in the mouth for its stability. It rests on natural tissues and attaches to remaining healthy teeth. Several different designs and types of dentures can be created to replace many missing teeth, and the techniques that are used depend on factors like the number and location of your missing teeth. Sometimes, partials may be stabilized with dental implants. The partials attach to implants strategically placed in the jawbone during a straightforward, outpatient surgical procedure. Existing dentures can be “retrofitted” as implant-retained dentures for an improved fit and the stability and comfort that comes with it.

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Do you need to replace all your teeth?

A complete or full set of dentures replicates all your teeth and surrounding gums with durable dental materials, which are customized in color and other features to suit your mouth. Since there are no remaining teeth to stabilize the denture, your new teeth and gums must rely on proper fit or on proper products to avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable slipping. Dr. Bruyere and his team assure your denture is well-designed to fit your mouth like real teeth from the get-go. This allows the upper denture to seamlessly adhere to the roof of the mouth. Lower dentures present more of a challenge, due to the shape of the gums on the lower ridge, and due to movement from the tongue. Just like with partials, dental implants may be used to help stabilize dentures, especially if fit remains a challenge even after you have tried a variety of adhesives. Loose dentures may signal that it’s time for a reline to improve how the base of the denture fits in your jaw.

Do you dread the thought of being “toothless”?

Do you dread the thought of being “toothless” in Longview TX area

By partnering with Clint Bruyere, DDS, you don’t have to be seen without teeth! The office provides immediate dentures. As the name suggests, you can get your new teeth or denture immediately post-extraction. As tissues heal, they become swollen. So, throughout the healing process, a soft liner is placed in the denture several times and, ultimately, the denture is relined to fit your healed tissues. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months to get a new smile and eat effortlessly!

Patients can also help Dr. Bruyere and the team keep their dentures going strong, and looking and feeling as great as the day they got them:

  • Avoid super-sticky foods like chewing gum, which can stick to the denture, break the seal, and result in a loose fit.
  • Don’t try to fix dentures on your own. Professional repairs prevent sore spots and chewing problems.
  • Be gentle when cleaning. Use non-abrasive denture cleansers and products. While dental materials are very strong, they are not as durable as natural enamel.
  • Dentures should be checked by Dr. Bruyere at least annually.
  • After around five to 10 years, dentures may lose their fit and need to be remade.

Sometimes, dental adhesives and other products can “mask” a poor fit, which may occur as bone shrinks. By visiting Clint Bruyere, DDS regularly, your dental team can assess the true fit and adjust accordingly.

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