Reasons patients choose Longview dentist for professional teeth whitening

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Reasons patients choose Longview dentist for professional teeth whitening
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Professional teeth whitening is the most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are preparing for a class reunion or a job interview there are many reasons you may want a brighter smile. Dr. Clint Bruyere is a highly skilled dentist who understands the importance of a beautiful smile. He provides several teeth whitening options at his Longview practice.

Choosing professional teeth whitening

If you want to see results after one appointment then the ZOOM! in-office teeth whitening treatment may be right for you. First, Dr. Bruyere will protect your teeth and gums from the bleaching agent. Next, he will apply gel to the teeth. He will use a specialized light to activate the whitening agents. In about an hour, you can count on a smile up to eight shades lighter. 

You may prefer whitening your teeth in the comfort of your home. For treatment, we make impressions of the dental arches. We use these molds to create customized whitening trays. We will provide the trays and whitening gel to wear daily for a specific length of time. We recommend a combination of the in-office and at-home whitening treatments for maximum results.

Reasons patients seek professional teeth whitening

  • They want to combat tooth stains. Coffee, tea, berries, and sauces can leave stains on the teeth. A teeth whitening treatment can brighten discolored teeth.
  • They seek a confidence boost. When patients have Dr. Bruyere transform their smiles from lackluster to radiant, they generally feel better about themselves. They no longer shy away from socializing or cover their mouths while laughing.
  • They want to leave memorable first impressions. Our patients know they have one chance to make a first impression. After teeth whitening treatment they can smile confidently which may help them land jobs.
  • They want to restore beauty to their smiles. Therefore, they take steps toward attaining the smiles of their dreams that are lighter brighter and more beautiful.

Can you relate to any of the reasons our patients have chosen professional teeth whitening treatment? If you can, schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Bruyere. By working with our well-respected dentist, you can attain the smile of your dreams. Call 903-708-6116 today.


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