Hallsville residents have options: Dental implants vs. a partial denture

Filling the gaps in your smile is one of the best things that you can do for your health, appearance, and confidence. Missing teeth can cause a host of problems, including bone loss, shifting of healthy teeth, and the inability to enjoy your favorite foods. In the past, patients had little choice in dental restorations, but that has changed with modern technology and advanced methods.

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Hallsville residents have options: Dental implants vs. a partial denture

About partial dentures

When most people think of dentures, they envision full plates, which are used to replace all of the teeth in an arch. Naturally, if some of your teeth are healthy and intact, you don’t want them to be extracted so that you can wear a denture. In these situations, you can be fitted with a partial. It is similar to a full denture, with a gum-colored base and incredibly realistic looking false teeth. However, the partial is custom-designed to fit around any healthy teeth, filling in the gaps.

The benefits of partials include:

  • More conservative than a traditional bridge, preserving the integrity of your existing teeth
  • Faster than dental implants, with a lower upfront cost
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • Restore your smile and prevent healthy teeth from drifting

About dental implants

Today’s dental implant technology presents a unique solution to tooth replacement, which is to begin by replacing the root. Other options, such as traditional partials, only replace the visible part of the tooth. A dental implant is a very small device made of a biocompatible material such as titanium. It is surgically placed in the jawbone, replicating a natural root. The replacement tooth or teeth, usually made of porcelain, are supported by the implant, eliminating the need for clasps, adhesives, or other stabilization techniques.

The benefits of implants include:

  • Absolutely no damage or alteration to your existing teeth
  • Can last a lifetime, making them more economical in the long-term
  • No extra steps in oral hygiene – your new teeth need the same care as your natural teeth
  • Restore your smile and prevent healthy teeth from drifting
  • Prevent the bone loss that accompanies tooth loss

After a clinical evaluation, Dr. Bruyere will discuss your options and help you select a great solution for your health, appearance, and budget. Just call us at 903-708-6116 and schedule an appointment for your beautiful, healthy new smile. Our office is located in Longview, proudly serving residents of many area communities such as Hallsville.


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