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Longview, TX area dentist describes the benefits of using full dentures or partials to repair the smile

Dr. Clint Bruyere describes the benefits of using full dentures or partials to repair the smile.

Longview, TX area patients who have experienced tooth loss may find that they have a number of different options available to them for replacement of the teeth and repair of the smile. Restoring the smile is important to avoid shifting teeth and loss of functionality. Patients who visit our practice to speak to our dentist, Dr. Clint Bruyere, about the benefits of tooth replacement with full or partial dentures, will be educated on the advantages of dentures. Full dentures Full dentures are meant to replace the entire arch of teeth. These restorations are made of high-quality acrylics and include false … Continue reading

All you need to know about Six Month Smiles in Longview, TX for teeth alignment

Six Month Smiles in Longview TX

Smiling is among the greatest joys of life. When you break into a smile, you not only stand to improve your own mood but also help in lighting up a room. However, it is possible that because of misalignment, you might curb your natural urge to smile openly. How does Six Month Smiles Work? Six Month Smiles is a breakthrough technology that works on the same principle as traditional orthodontics. Your dentist will attach wires and brackets to your teeth in order to restore alignment. Dr. Clint Bruyere provides innovative and advanced cosmetic dental treatments, including Six Month Smiles in … Continue reading

Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces in Longview, is a fast, effective orthodontic treatment

With Six Month Smiles, you can keep all your healthy teeth!

On the wide world of the Internet, you may come across products that claim to reposition and fix crooked teeth, sometimes in as little as two weeks! The adage of “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” applies here. There are no shortcuts, but there are more convenient, efficient, comfortable, and unobtrusive alternatives to conventional orthodontic treatment for suitable patients. As its name suggests, Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces in Longview, TX straightens teeth in about half a year on average. Since your unique treatment plan is designed and monitored by Dr. Clint Bruyere, a Texas … Continue reading

How your smile can be transformed with a porcelain veneer procedure in Longview, TX

Transform your smile with a conservative porcelain veneer procedure. Call Dr. Cint Bruyere of Longview,

Nothing can compare to the feeling of smiling with pride and confidence. Dr. Bruyere and his team want to help you enjoy that feeling every day, for the rest of your life. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic dental solutions to meet the diverse needs of our Longview, TX patients. Porcelain veneers are among the most popular options for improving the appearance of teeth, with a very conservative procedure. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” If you’ve ever wondered how veneers work, think of this quote. Although Aristotle was referring to philosophy when he uttered … Continue reading

Longview dentist provides a solution for sleep apnea, with exceptional treatment!

Sleep apnea treatment from dentist in Longview area

Do your snores shake your walls? Do you find yourself seeking refuge in a different room from a spouse who snores that loud? Are you waking every morning with a bad headache, sore throat, and dry mouth? There’s a chance you might suffer from sleep apnea. Dr. Clint Bruyere believes that a dentist’s duty extends beyond just fillings and extractions. Because of this, Dr. Bruyere is proud to offer patients sleep apnea treatment in Longview, TX. We can assist you in diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up evaluation for your sleep apnea treatment. What sleep apnea is: This sleep disorder causes a person to … Continue reading

Why see your Longview (75605 area) dentist for gum disease treatment

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Explaining Why see your Longview (75605 area) dentist for gum disease treatment

The importance of treating gum disease Periodontal disease is a complex condition, which begins with plaque and progresses (sometimes quickly) to a serious infection of the gum tissue. Bacteria and other infective microorganisms, which are present in plaque, creep below the gum line where they wreaks havoc on a previously healthy mouth. The destruction and inflammation of gum tissue causes it to separate from the teeth, allowing the infection to move deeper. Without treatment, the cycle can continue, with more tissue being destroyed and more infection developing. This infection can give your breath a foul odor, make your teeth sensitive, … Continue reading

Advanced dentistry services in Longview

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Providing Advanced dentistry services in Longview

In the old days, dentists were essentially tooth mechanics. They made primitive efforts to repair cavities and broken teeth, or performed extractions when those measures failed. Over the years, the profession evolved to include more preventive care, and provide more effective solutions for dental problems. However, dentistry has never advanced or evolved as quickly as it is today, in this age of technological development and scientific research. Dentistry today includes disease treatment, smile esthetics, and treatment of conditions related to the oral cavity. Dr. Clint Bruyere and his team of friendly professionals provide a full range of dental care, including … Continue reading

What does a cosmetic dentist in Longview TX offer for new and existing patients?

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Explaining What does a cosmetic dentist in Longview TX offer for new and existing patients?

Many patients dream of a beautiful, radiant, stunning smile. However, not many are aware that it is entirely affordable and attainable. Patients of all ages can benefit from cosmetic treatments and procedures from a cosmetic dentist. Longview, TX residents can visit Dr. Bruyere and enjoy the many advantages visiting a cosmetic dentist can have over traditional general dentists. The primary focus of a cosmetic dentist is to improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. Whether it is to whiten the teeth, realign the smile, or restore a smile after tooth loss, a cosmetic dentist uses their artistic ability to make … Continue reading

Proper dental care tips from a dentist in the Gladewater area

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Providing Proper dental care tips from a dentist in the Gladewater area

Having a healthy, beautiful smile is important to both dentists and patients. It can give patients higher self-esteem and confidence, and dentists are proud to offer the services to assist their patients in achieving and maintaining their dream smiles. For patients who are looking for a dentist in Gladewater, Dr. Bruyere, can assist. Although his practice is located in Longview, he serves patients from all cities in the area. Dr. Bruyere is committed to helping his patients with their oral hygiene and assists them in keeping their smiles healthy. Patients are always advised to include brushing and flossing in their … Continue reading

Services of a Cosmetic Dentist in the Hallsville area

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Providing Services of a Cosmetic Dentist in the Hallsville area

Are you a patient who is seeking a dentist in Hallsville? Instead of sticking around town, head out to Longview for the care and attention that Dr. Bruyere can provide at his practice. As a general and cosmetic dentist in Longview, he provides dental care and treatment for patients around the metropolitan area—including Hallsville! Dr. Bruyere offers a large variety of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures, including: Dental Crowns and Bridges There are times when you may require a restoration, such as a dental crown or a dental bridge. Dental crowns are porcelain restorations bonded over natural teeth to change … Continue reading

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