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It is not unusual to spot younger children with missing teeth. This is because the first set of teeth, or “baby teeth,” will come out to make room for the adult teeth. However, after this, the only way a patient can lose teeth is due to injury, disease, or extensive decay. When teeth are lost, it impacts a patient’s ability to eat, speak, and smile with pride. Dr. Clint Bruyere finds that there are several tooth replacement options on the market today, and quality dentures are commonly used for patients missing several teeth and seeking an affordable solution. Longview, Texas area, patients are advised to consider dentures as a way to get their function and aesthetic back.

What are dentures?

There are two types of dentures:

  • Partials – partials are dentures that are made with metal and snap into the dental arch using the surrounding teeth for support and stabilization. These replace several teeth or a single tooth. Partials are common for individuals seeking an affordable way to repair the smile and are easy to use and care for. They look natural, though sometimes the clasps used to hold them in place might be visible when patients laugh or talk to others.
  • Full – full dentures are restorations used in replacing all the teeth in a dental arch. They are made of acrylic and are held in place with dental adhesives, natural suction, or even dental implants. Full dentures can be made to look extremely realistic and ensure patients are still confident with the way they look.
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How is a denture fitting done?

Quality dentures are made with precision impressions of the gum tissue to create a denture that fits in place exactly as expected. Once the denture is made, Dr. Clint Bruyere can make adjustments as needed to ensure they are stable and strong.

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