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Snoring is a problem that millions of people experience every now and then. In most cases, snoring is just a minor annoyance, posing no significant threat to sleep or health. On the other hand, some people’s snoring is indicative of a far more serious problem, one that can have major consequences. Snoring can be so disruptive that the snorer goes through his or her days groggy and foggy. The problem at hand may in fact be more serious than basic snoring. What is thought to be a snoring problem may actually be obstructive sleep apnea, a problem addressed in our dental office.

Sleep medicine points to significant differences between snoring and sleep apnea. In our Longview dental office, we help patients discern them so that proper treatment can be obtained. Snoring is often only a temporary problem with no major disruptions. When a person is snoring, air is still moving, albeit with some difficulty. When a person suffers from sleep apnea, breathing becomes completely obstructed at some point.

Interference with airflow occurs in some people when the muscles of the neck and throat reach full relaxation during sleep. These muscles surround the airway and, beneath their weight, air can no longer move. In the absence of moving air, the brain receives no oxygen. In response, a shot of adrenaline is released into the body, prompting the return of normal breath. The problem is that, once deeper sleep is resumed, muscles fully relax, and the whole process starts over again. During a single night, apnea episodes may occur hundreds of times. Because the sleeper never fully wakes, he or she is simply left to live with the unpleasant daytime symptoms of this condition.

Obstructive sleep apnea can lead to a number of symptoms, including:

  • Chronic, disruptive snoring; the kind that can be heard in other rooms of the house
  • Moments of silence followed by gasping, snorting, or choking as breathing resumes
  • Restless sleep
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night
  • Morning headaches or sore throat
  • Lack of concentration
  • Irritability, mood swings, or depression
  • Extreme fatigue during the day

Deep sleep is an absolute must for cellular rejuvenation and optimal health. Within days, a severe lack of sleep has noticeable effects. To handle obstructive sleep apnea with a simple, comfortable appliance, all you need to do is visit your experienced dentist. Dr. Bruyere has helped many patients handle this sleep disorder successfully. Contact our office today for your consultation.


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