Dental sedation in our Longview practice can greatly improve your dental experiences

Fear of sitting in a dental chair is common among people of all ages. Dental professionals have responded to the voices of their patients, and sedation dental services are becoming increasingly common. We are happy to provide excellent dental sedation to our patients from Longview and surrounding areas, allowing them to get the care they need with the peace of mind they deserve. With our services, patients can undergo various dental procedures in a wonderfully relaxed state.

There are several different types of sedation offered today. In our office, we prescribe our patients a sedative medication best suited to their individual needs. This oral medication is taken about an hour before dental appointments, which means that nervousness surrounding care is eliminated before ever reaching our office. 

The most common use of dental sedation is for the treatment of dental anxiety. Millions of people find it difficult to maintain proper professional care because fear surrounding dental treatment is too strong. Dental anxiety may be rooted in a number of issues. For some, previous dental experiences have been unpleasant. Sometimes, there is no exact cause. This does not diminish the reality of dental anxiety, nor does it mean that a patient should simply “tough it out.” Sedation dental services are designed to improve your experience in our practice.

Sedation is not only beneficial on an emotional level. The relaxing effects of oral sedation also improve physical comfort. For some, this may mean that a strong gag reflex is weakened so that dental cleanings or treatments may be tolerated. Sedation, though not a pain reliever has the tendency to maximize the power of local anesthetic, making this service ideal for patients in whom pain medication wears off quickly. When sedated, patients are more physically relaxed, which minimizes post-treated soreness.

In addition to calming the mind and body during dental procedures, oral conscious sedation will cause a slight amnesiac effect, as well. The benefit of this effect is that patients rarely remember any of their dental treatment, further increasing their positive experience.

Dr. Bruyere and his dental team are dedicated to excellent dental care. To learn more about sedation dental services, contact our office.

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Dental sedation in our Longview practice can greatly improve your dental experiences


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