Hallsville residents can relax at the dental office with sedation

At one time, sedation was rarely offered in dental offices, but it is quickly becoming a popular service. Residents of Hallsville and other area communities come to Dr. Bruyere’s Longview dental practice to enjoy a relaxing, stress-free experience, with quality care. Sedation is safe and effective for most patients.

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Hallsville residents can relax at the dental office with sedation

What to expect

Dr. Bruyere offers conscious oral sedation, which is classified as moderate sedation. It is milder than general anesthesia. You will be able to breathe, swallow, and move without assistance, and you will be aware of your surroundings. However, you may feel groggy, dreamy, and disinterested in what is happening. Anxiety is replaced by a sense of wellbeing. The dental chair feels more comfortable than ever, because your muscles are relaxed. After what seems like just a few minutes, the procedure is over and you are ready to go home. Many patients have little to no memory of the visit once the sedative wears off.

Preparing for your appointment

First, you will need an examination and consultation to ensure that you are a good candidate for sedation. Dr. Bruyere will review your medical history and discuss possible drug interactions. It is important that you tell him about any medicines, dietary supplements, or herbal products that you take. He will choose the best medication based on medical factors, your anxiety level, and the timeframe of the appointment. 

The medicine is taken orally prior to dental treatment. It will take a few minutes or longer for the full effects to develop. The speed of onset depends on the formula used. Typically, longer lasting formulas take effect more slowly. Shorter-duration formulas, used for faster procedures, take effect quickly. We do not begin dental work until you are fully relaxed, so you will need to arrive a little early. When your visit is arranged, we will explain how much time will be needed for sedation. No matter what type of medication is used, it will take a while to wear off after your appointment. You will need to arrange for someone to drive you home.

Call us at (903) 708-6116 and schedule a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for dental sedation.


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