Dental implants versus dentures: the pros and cons for Longview patients

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Providing Dental implants versus dentures: the pros and cons for Longview patients
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If you have lost one or more teeth, you understand the difficulty and embarrassment that can come with this situation. Missing teeth not only impact appearance and self-esteem, they can also make normal functions such as eating and speaking difficult.

The Concern with Dentures

While dentures have been a solution for missing teeth for many decades, they are not always the most ideal solution. Dentures are removable artificial teeth, which can come with a unique set of challenges – the main one being stability. Most removable dentures are kept in place with denture adhesive. The bond can be ineffective, leaving dentures susceptible to moving or sliding around. This can cause both embarrassment and discomfort for patients. 

Why Dental Implants can be a better solution

Dental implants are a non-removable, permanent alternative to dentures and are quickly becoming the “go-to” solution for missing teeth. Unlike dentures, which sit on top of the gums, dental implants replace the missing tooth all the way down to the root. They are secured into the jawbone where they become the anchor for a prosthetic tooth replacement. Dental implants will not move or slip out of place which eliminates the embarrassment and discomfort associated with dentures. 

Dental implants do not require special maintenance. Because they function like natural teeth, care includes brushing and flossing just as you would with your natural teeth. 

Dental implants also provide the advantage of preserving the bone structure. The implant stimulates the bone, preventing deterioration. If you’ve ever seen a long-time denture wearer, you may notice their loss of facial structure which is a direct result of jawbone deterioration. With dental implants, the bone and gums stay healthy and intact. 

If you are missing teeth and have been considering dentures, we invite you to learn more about dental implants. They are a stronger, more natural-looking solution that will allow you to feel like you have your natural teeth back. If you are in the Longview area, please call us today at 905-753-0337.


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