What to expect from dental implant surgery in Longview

When you were a child, losing a tooth was a normal, sometimes even exciting, event. It meant that an adult tooth was ready to emerge, and the tooth fairy would be visiting. Losing an adult tooth, however, is a serious problem. All of your teeth are co-dependent, so the gap needs to be filled or your dental problems will grow. Your teeth will shift toward the gap, creating difficult to clean spaces. This can lead to more problems such as tooth decay.

Bridges and dental implants are the most common options for replacing missing teeth. A bridge is the fastest solution, but it is not as aesthetically pleasing or natural feeling as an implant. It also requires the teeth on each side of the gap be crowned. An implant supported restoration looks and feels natural, and requires no alteration to the rest of your teeth.

Before recommending an implant, Dr. Bruyere will take x-rays to ensure that you have sufficient jawbone. A bone graft may be necessary in some cases. If an implant is the best solution for you, he will refer you to an experienced implant surgeon. This procedure is quick and comfortable, normally requiring only local anesthetic. You may feel slight soreness for a few days, which should fade rapidly. Many patients report no after-effects at all!

It will take between three and six months for the bone to grow around the implant, a process known as osseointegration. When this process is complete, a connector called an abutment will be added. Dr. Bruyere will take impressions, and determine the shade of your natural teeth. A quality dental laboratory will create your new crown, sized, shaped, and colored to match your smile, for an indiscernible restoration.

Throughout the process, Dr. Bruyere and his knowledgeable staff will be here for you. We are always happy to discuss your questions and concerns, helping you make informed decisions about your dental care.

If you have an embarrassing gap in your smile, call Dr. Bruyere’s office at 903-708-6116. He has been a Longview dentist for nearly thirty years, his expertise are just what the doctor ordered for your troubled smile.


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