Hallsville area dentist explains how to care for a dental crown

A dental crown is designed to restore and protect a tooth. Usually, if a crown is placed it means that you’ve been dealing with a broken, decayed, infected, or otherwise problematic tooth. Once treatment is complete, it looks and feels as good as new. Naturally, you want to keep it that way. Dental crowns are easy to care for, and can last a very long time if you maintain good oral health.

Crowns and cavities

Dental materials are not susceptible to decay. Furthermore, the surface of a crowned tooth is protected from contact with plaque or bacteria. This is a great benefit, but unfortunately, it leads many people to the false conclusion that a crowned tooth doesn’t need to be cleaned as carefully as an untreated tooth does. There is one vulnerable area, and that is the margin (edge) of the crown. Plaque and tartar accumulation around the tooth, especially below the gum line, can lead to periodontal disease and, yes, cavities. Decay under and around the treated tooth is one of the most common reasons for crown failure.

Potential for fracturing

A dental crown could not be described as fragile, but they aren’t usually unbreakable either. To a great extent, this depends on the material. Metal and zirconia are much harder than porcelain, and virtually impossible to break, but they are often coated with porcelain. This technique produces a cosmetic crown that is much stronger than pure porcelain, but the outer layer can fracture. Today’s dental ceramics are much stronger than those of a few years ago, but full porcelain crowns are still the most susceptible to fractures or breaks. You can protect your dental restorations, and your natural teeth, by avoiding biting down on anything hard like ice, and wearing a night guard if you have bruxism (grinding or clenching teeth). 

Crowns, like teeth, need to be cleaned and evaluated by a dentist or hygienist at least twice a year. Dr. Bruyere and his dedicated team would love to help you achieve and maintain the smile of your dreams. Our office is conveniently located in Longview, TX, serving residents of Hallsville and other communities throughout the area. Call us at 903.708.6116 and schedule an appointment today.


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