With good care, your crown or bridge from our dental office in Longview can last decades

Tooth loss is no small deal when a permanent tooth is involved. For our speech, facial contours, digestion, chewing, and overall oral health to be supported, we need all of our teeth, no gaps. Gaps not only decrease the overall support provided to the oral structure, but also invite bacteria to accumulate where they should not.

Today we have the option of replacing missing teeth with dental implants. When possible, this form of treatment is recommended due to the long lasting results it can achieve. At the same time, there are individuals for whom topping an implant with a crown is not a good option. In such instances, a dental bridge designed in our dental office in Longview may be the best path towards beautiful, long lasting restoration. 

Dental bridges have existed for some time in the field of restorative dentistry. These prosthetics are designed with two crowns, which are fitted over the teeth at the outside of the gap. In order to stabilize the bridge with these crowns, these “anchor teeth” need to be reduced in preparation for crown placement. When completed, the entire bridge will restore a seamless appearance and proper function. 

The longevity of success with a dental bridge is determined by factors such as the type of material used in the restoration and the ongoing nature of oral hygiene. Clearly, the better teeth and gums are cared for, the longer a dental bridge will remain durable and healthy. In many cases, bridges have lasted more than twenty years. 

The good news about oral hygiene after bridge treatment is that it is not much different than caring for natural teeth. Brushing and flossing are essential to the ongoing health of teeth and gums. Without adequate brushing twice a day and daily flossing, the lifespan of the dental bridge can be cut short. Because, in the dental bridge, the artificial tooth is fused to crowns, there are no spaces in between these teeth. There is, however, space beneath the artificial tooth that will need to be flossed using a flossing tool called a threader. 

Dr. Bruyere performs all forms of dental care with an eye on long-term success. If dental bridgework is the treatment chosen to replace a missing tooth, details for aftercare are provided along with ongoing support in the way of thorough dental check-ups and cleanings. 

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