Six Month Smiles a clear choice in braces for many of our Longview area patients

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Six Month Smiles a clear choice in braces for many of our Longview area patients
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Teens and adults in today’s society have more opportunity than ever before to get their straightest, healthiest smile thanks to the advances in orthodontic treatment. No longer must you choose to smile from behind bulky metal appliances if you want a more attractive smile. Instead of spending a year or more tied to metal brackets and wires, it is possible to improve the look of your smile in a shorter period of time, using innovative materials that barely show in the smile.

Six Month Smiles is more than clear braces, as our Longview area patients learn very quickly. This treatment is also more than a removable aligner. Though many people initially think that straightening teeth with a removal aligner is most beneficial, this is not always the case. There are many who can achieve their smile and oral health goals using the innovative Six Month Smiles treatment, a system designed on the same sound principals used in conventional braces. What differentiates the innovative Six Month Smile system are tooth-colored, low profile materials and a focus on the teeth that show in the smile. This combination enables patients to experience their healthiest, straightest smile within four to nine months. 

There are many similarities between Six Month Smiles and aligner methods of teeth straightening, as well. Like aligners, the appliances of Six Month Smiles are very discreet and comfortable. The latter is also highly effective. An advantage of Six Month Smiles over aligners is that there is no risk of losing an appliance that has been removed for a meal or photo op. 

A wide variety of people can experience an enormous difference in their smile using Six Month Smiles treatment. This system can effectively correct orthodontic relapse for individuals’ whose teeth have become slightly crooked in the years after initial orthodontic treatment. Six Month Smiles can close gaps, correct turned teeth, and produce a smile that elevates your mood and your overall sense of confidence and wellbeing. Due to the use of tooth-colored materials, you can also love your smile while going through your tooth-straightening treatment. 

We want our patients to feel confident in their smile. Dr. Bruyere and our team can help you achieve your smile goals in a way that works for you. To learn more about Six Month Smiles, schedule your consultation at 903-708-6116.


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