Dentist in Longview, TX explains why patients choose clear alternatives to metal braces

Dr. Clint Bruyere, Clint Bruyere, DDS Dentist in Longview, TX explains why patients choose clear alternatives to metal braces
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Mild to moderate tooth misalignment, crowded or overlapping teeth and malocclusion are a few reasons patients may need an orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, patients of Dr. Clint Bruyere in Longview, TX and the surrounding areas do not have to find an orthodontist for treatment. They can enjoy the comfort of seeing their family dentist in Longview for dental and orthodontic treatments. Dr. Bruyere provides a clear alternative to traditional metal braces – Six Month Smiles.

Providing a clear alternative to metal braces

Convenience, comfort and reasonable cost are a few reasons patients enjoy Six Month Smiles. The treatment includes tooth-colored wires and nearly invisible brackets. The treatment is ideal for the teeth that show when smiling. Patients 16 and older are candidates for treatment. With Six Month Smiles, patients can attain the smile of their dreams in only four to nine months. During that time, Six Month Smiles uses minimal force to move the teeth. Treatment for traditional metal braces can last two to three years. Six Month Smiles treatment is shorter than traditional orthodontic treatment because its emphasis is on the appearance of the teeth rather than the bite position. Since patients often only have their front teeth treated, Six Month Smiles typically costs less than traditional orthodontics.

Exploring treatment

If our clear alternative appeals to you, we recommend scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Bruyere. During this visit, he will thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth and gums. He will ask you about your medical history to determine if Six Month Smiles is right for you. Then, you will devise a treatment plan with Dr. Bruyere, who strongly believes in having you involved in every step of the process. 

You may have facial photographs, x-rays and impressions taken of your mouth. We send impressions to a Six Month Smiles laboratory for the customized patient kits. With Six Month Smiles, you can count on convenience, comfort and a reasonable cost. 

Six Month Smiles can deliver a boost of confidence to your smile. Do you want to explore Six Month Smiles further? Call 903-708-6116 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruyere.


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Dr. Bruyere graduated from Texas A&M whilst finishing at the Baylor College of Dentistry. He possesses a fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry and 30 years of experience in dentistry.

Dr. Bruyere enjoys keeping up with the latest information on dental products, treatments and techniques whilst providing the best quality dentistry to his patients.